Janathon day seven: the benefits of procrastination

I’ll admit it, I procrastinated a bit tonight. Well it was raining. And dark. And did I mention it was raining? But for once, by faffing around (at least 30 minutes to put my socks on) actually paid off, not only did it stop raining, but I also got to see Mini-Ginge do a new trick. I would have been very miffed to have missed that.

Tonight was the opposite of Saturday’s run, not just in terms of direction but also in terms of general -ness. On Saturday, I felt gooood. The run felt easy, I felt strong and comfortable. It was only when I checked my watch at the halfway point that I realised that it was easy and comfortable because I was going quite slowly. Arse. Tonight, it felt more effortful and hard work. Guess what? It turns out that I ran my fastest 3 miles since having Mini-Ginge and managed to take nearly 30 seconds/mile off my pace.

So tonight I have learned the lesson that running faster feels harder work. Who’d have thought eh?