Janathon day 14:

Double activity today! Well if you can count swimming with Mini-Ginge then it’s a double activity today. I’m sure who I do more work in the pool, but it wasn’t me who came home and had a two hour nap afterwards…

My proper activity today was a three mile run. I spent the day repeatedly looking at the Met Office app to see if the prediction had changed at all and to marvel at the fact that the wind speed was 0 until an hour before I could go out and then it whacked up to 30-odd. So I set off down the hill, feeling strong and smug in my knowledge that the route I had picked was nicely sheltered.

Have I mentioned before that I am an idiot?

I turned round and realised that not only had I been running downhill, but also that the route was not at all sheltered and I had in fact been running with the wind behind me. No wonder it felt good. The wind took it out of me a bit and I had a couple of uphill walk, but I was quite happy with my overall pace. The other weird thing is that I was actually looking forward to going out and didn’t even procastinate going out. Go me.

PS. The back/shoulders thing is much better today – thank you!