Janathon day five: peer pressure

Today Mini-Ginge and I went on a supermarket mission to do the weekly shop and, more importantly, to acquire me some yoga blocks from Aldi. Like most exercise kit, I suspect these might languish at home unloved and unused, but I can always take them to my yoga class when I restart in a few weeks. Well I could if our local store had any in stock. I would have been fine for mats, foam rollers, kettlebells, gym balls…whatever I fancied. Except yoga blocks, which is all I fancied. So I went to Asda and bought some new tupperware to ease my disappointment.

Tonight’s run was just a couple of miles, but I’ve decided that if I’m only going to do two miles, I might as well make them good ones. So I ran out down the long hill for a mile and then back again up the long hill. This is the first time that I have managed the whole hill in one go. This was down to determination, mental focus and the fact that there were two people walking towards me down the hill and I couldn’t lose face by walking while they could see me… By the time we had passed each other, I was too near the top to give up, so I didn’t.

9 thoughts on “Janathon day five: peer pressure

  1. Mary says:

    Well done for slotting a hill in! There’s a sharp hill up to my house and I usually use it as a walking cool down but if I turn onto it when there are people sat on the bench halfway up then I have to run to the top! They must not see me walk!!!

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