Things I like about the gym

Having been to the gym properly this morning, I can counterbalance my last post with some things that I like about the gym.

  1. The gym is open 24 hours – I’m never going to go in the middle of the night, but it does mean that I can go nice and early and not miss the best part of the day.
  2. The loud young people’s music – this gives me much scope for me asking questions like “do they play this on the light programme?” and “will I have heard it on Desert Island Discs?” like a befuddled retired colonel (I enjoy this far more than I should).
  3. Using the treadmill to do intervals reduces my capacity to skive – if I don’t keep up the pace, I will fall off.
  4. I will have all sorts of newly aching body parts in the morning.
  5. There are toilet facilities on hand – without going into too much detail, if I need to go then my insides are activated after about a mile or so. If I reach two miles, then I can run as far as I can without needing the loo. Today was no different, except that I could nip downstairs and then carry on (unlike Wednesday when I mightily narked to get up at half five and have my run cut short at 1.5 miles).

9 thoughts on “Things I like about the gym

  1. jogblog says:

    My gym is very posh (compared to the Fitness Firsts I used in London, I have no idea if it’s a posh gym, I suspect at £25 a month it’s not really posh at all) and plays quiet music so I can hear my own music on my iPod. I love my gym. The only thing I don’t like is when people are talking in the changing rooms. I don’t like hearing people talking to each other. I can’t really tell from this post if you like the gym or not but you have mentioned another post about the gym so I will go and investigate that.

  2. Poppet says:

    On hand toilets are great! its much less embarressing than popping into the working mans bar all hot and bothered and going “wheres the loo?” 🙂
    (sad but true i’ve done this – it was an emergency – that or the golf course)

  3. Andy Sneddon says:

    Ahh, the light programme. Ask them if they could play some Frank Bridge 😉

    Gyms are fine as a back up in times of truly diabolical weather or a genuine lack of time, but there’s nowt like getting outdoors. Never lose sight of that (said the man who went twice last week lol).

  4. fortnightflo says:

    Ah runners bum! Its pretty much all we talk about at running club. That and food of course. I’m glad you are enjoying the gym – I know i might be going aainst the grain but I think its good to mix gym workouts with outdoor sessions – anything that keeps you interested and exercising is great. Well done you!

  5. henniemavis says:

    Ah, that’s the spirit! I love my gym, tho it has pros & cons, like anything else. I’m jealous that yours is open 24 hrs! Wouldn’t that make Jan/Juneathon so much easier in rain, snow or nightfall? Mine is only open from 5:30am (packed) to 8pm (dead). But as long as I come between those hours, there is so much to do — from biking, swimming, running, lifting, rowing, faux-skiing & mat routines, to classes in yoga, balance, abs, boxing & dance fitness! What’s not to love? OK, being too close to sour-smelly strangers. Other than that, it’s all good 🙂

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