Contains penguin – I am proud of this in a very unseemly way

If you come here for the insightful running commentary, it’s probably best if you move along, there’s nothing to see here. I have run post-Janathon, and may even blog about the start of February, however I am excited about my latest crafty project and want to show off share.

During January, I retweeted a link from SW Craft Club in order to try to win a cross stitch iPhone cover. And would you believe it, I only went and won one of them!


I spent ages trying not to fear the blank and scary potential of it (realising that my indecision is one reason why I’m unlikely to ever get a tattoo). I had aspirations of doing something, you know, a bit arty and classy like, but that soon went out of the window. It seemed apt to use my twitter name (@knittingpenguin) for inspiration so I eventually plumped for designing something around that. Like a penguin doing some knitting maybe.

I have a difficult relationship with cross stitch, I like it at times, but the basic skills it requires (paying attention, counting, not stabbing yourself with a needle) are not high on my list of strengths. With a bit of focus though (Ginge can vouch for the Sunday afternoon of virtual silence he enjoyed) I can get very into the designing and making.

First up, the designing. Lots of graph paper, lots of counting and double checking, lots of googling for penguins.


I think you can see how he evolved, mainly getting shorter and rounder (but his feet stayed the same throughout). After that came the stitching and this was the end result.


Did I mention that I’m very proud? I really enjoyed making this – it’s been nice to do something a bit different and create something from scratch. My only criticism of the silicone case is that it’s bowed slightly, despite me trying my best not to pull my stitches too tight.

I’m a few hundred miles too far north to be considered SW Craft Club’s target audience, but if you’re in their neck of the woods take a look at their blog and events calendar (which just gives me craft envy!) and see if there’s something to inspire you!