Juneathon Day 27: In which I am a bit daring

This morning I woke in the slightly unpleasant environment of a hot and clammy tent. Unpleasant this may be, but it is also a very positive sign of good weather ahead. Sure enough, at 7 o’clock it was already hotting up outside so I thought I better get my run out of the way. Given the temperature, the sunshine and, most importantly, the fact that no one knows me round here, I decided that this should be the maiden voyage for my running shorts.

It was quite pleasant feeling the breeze on the extra inches of exposed thigh, but the swishing of the fabric and the net knickers arrangement may take some getting used to. Reports of several sheep being blinded by the whites of my legs have yet to be confirmed.


3 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 27: In which I am a bit daring

  1. Adele says:

    ‘Net knickers arrangement’ oooh! Much respect to you on getting your legs out, I bought some running shorts a few months ago and am yet to take the labels off!

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