Juneathon Day 23: Let the chilling commence

I was reassured to wake up to the sound of donkey o’clock (when one of our neighbours gets his breakfast and eeyores in gratitude) and eventually hauled myself out for a country lane 3 miles.

Even though I’ve brought my Shuffle, it will remain largely unused as most of the lanes round here are single tracks with no pavements. There is just a painted white line keeping me from certain death by tractor.

The first half mile was a bit heavy legged, but the rest was fine and I returned to the tent where I was handed a glass of Vimto by a well-trained Ginge.

In true camping tradition, our first breakfast was bacon butties and a mug of tea.


4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 23: Let the chilling commence

  1. jogblog says:

    Well done! I hate running on country lanes. I’ve given up on them and stick to cycle lanes and footpaths now. Which is going to make things very difficult when my mileage starts going up as there are more country lanes round here than cycle paths.

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