Juneathon Day 10: Mostly uneventful

Now that’s a title to get people flocking to your blog, but I’m nothing if not honest. Up and out before six and the only people I passed were  a couple of dog walkers, one with several collies – I was grateful that he delayed crossing the road, thus thwarting the plans of one of them who definitely looked like he wanted to herd me.

I seem to have entered a slightly dysfunctional stage with my Garmin, today I pretty much ignored him and did a steadyish three miles, nothing fancy. I’m liking the suggestions so far, although Fortnight Flo has managed to suggest my uncle’s name (the father of Simon and Jonathan) and possibly that would be just as unnerving as Ginge’s ideas. Maybe I could go all Rumpelstiltskin and offer a special bonus prize to anyone who guesses my aunt’s name? Not you Mum, that’s cheating.


8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 10: Mostly uneventful

  1. laurajonesruns says:

    Your near collie herding has just reminded me that weirdly I had a chasing dream last night.
    I was running along a beach with a seal in hot pursuit – which was very disturbing because seals aren’t known for their speed on sand, but this one was gaining on me.
    Juneathon has officially sent me loopy.

  2. iliketocount says:

    The correct name for everything male (be it dogs, cats, fish…the lot) is Dave. That should be your Garmin. As well as simply sounding ace when calling a dog of that name across a park (“Dave?! Come on, Dave! Time to go home!”), mentioning his name in conversation with your wrist will raise a smile every time.

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Hm, that would be a bit wierd. I can’t think of another right now – I have no other men in my life that I tell off a lot. Is your Aunt Sandra??

    LOL funny thing you’ve started here!

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