First soup of Autumn

Crikey heck it’s wet up North. I’m seriously considering a second career as an ark builder and have started wearing my arm bands when I nip out to the shop. Although we’re not as bad as the Isle of Skye, it’s been somewhat damp this week. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but it was as if someone had flicked a switch on Monday night and turned everything from summer to autumn. I’m a great believe that times and dates are tied into our memories, experiences and beliefs about the world, and that this can manifest itself in how we feel and behave. Maybe it’s too many years in education, but even at 30 I can’t shake off that back to school feeling in September – it makes me incredibly reflective (perhaps more so than New Year, which I just can’t be arsed with) and sometimes a bit gloomy.

To counteract the gloominess, I’m doing a bit of looking on the bright side.

  • Next week it’s exactly a year since I started this running lark and struggled to do my impression of running for even a minute.
  • I’ve talked a colleague into joining the same beginners group that got me started
  • I’m the only person from that beginners group who’s still going to the club (even on my irregular basis)
  • Even though the weather’s a bit ropey, I’ll soon have frosty runs along the canal to look forward to- that means Sunday mornings that smell of bacon, cold and wood burning stoves on the barges
  • It’s Scarecrow Festival in the next village this weekend!
  • I can start making soup again – I refuse to make soup in summer and have already broken my soupfast with a lovely carrot and coriander effort
  • I’ve got two nearly completed knitting projects which means I can start knitting tiny Innocent hats very very soon

Also, it’s the weekend. Which is nice.

In other news, I’ve continued to be a bit crap this week. I’d love to blame the gloominess for my lack of motivation, but I suspect that it’s just that it took my aged carcass three days to recover from Wembley this year. I did however do 4 miles on Thursday and have a long run planned tomorrow and I’m helping out at a 5k on Sunday, which hopefully will motivate rather than drown me.

2 thoughts on “First soup of Autumn

  1. eirefairy says:

    oh thanks for reminding me why I should stop whinging about it getting colder. The frost is wonderful and yes it is soup season, and believe it or not, I already started with the carrot and coriander two weeks ago- I just couldn’t wait.

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