Back on track

Alright people, next time I don’t go out for more than a week, could someone shout at me and tell me I’m an idiot. Thanks.

Dragged myself out Saturday morning and clocked up an effortful and quite slow (average of 11.21 min/miles) 5.21 miles. I’m just happy that it didn’t kill me, although I was glistening like an otter emerging fresh from the river by the time I finished. Had to sit for 10 minutes just sweating when I got in. I did a fairly new route for me and ran round the next village and back again, I think this helped to break things up for me as I’ve got a bit repetitive with my routes recently.

Sunday morning I managed to persuade husband into joining me – this is usually asking for trouble as I tend to try and start an argument after about a mile (it’s best not to ask). We went down to an unexplored of the canal and did a lovely 3.42miles under bright blue skies and sunshine. I love running by the canal, but hate the long exposed stretches where the sun just seems to beat down on you, admittedly it’s not quite the stuff of the foreign legion, I’m just no use with heat. The co-running has lead to an interesting (not really) debate about pace, my stamina and the psychology of my running. To sum up: Husband runs faster than me (though he denies that), I therefore run faster to keep up, I get tired quicker (hence the grumpy argument starting) and end up subconsciously thinking “sod it, I can’t do it, I’m rubbish, I’ll give up”, and give up (which is when we fall out). However, in all this, he reckons that I could do more if I try, which I do have do agree with – so we may try an experiment where he sets the pace and I don’t sulk. I’ll either end up faster or divorced.

One thing that has amazed me is just how sluggish and out of sorts I’ve felt for not doing any exercise for a week – I never thought that I’d say that!