A proper Aunty, not just a friend of your mum’s

Yet again my weekend plans went slightly awry!

I’d planned a long(ish) run on Saturday and was going to go somewhere a bit more interesting than round the village. At eight in the morning, I was woken by my phone ringing with the news that my sister had gone into labour two weeks early. When I’d finished shrieking excitedly, I was sent out for a run by a husband who wanted an hour’s peace and quiet (he knows me well enough to realise that I would have just bounced on the bed until the next update). My phone crammed in the key pocket of my tights (just in case), I set off at a very bouncy but ridiculous pace. Far too fast for a long run, so I ended up doing two and a half miles then turning round and run-walking/slow pace running back. I’m not sure what the official name is for this type of training, so I’ll settle on “crap attention span”. I also had problems with my achilles/medial calf, which is probably down to me never wearing the orthotics that I’m supposed to wear and the fact that I need new trainers.

What I learned from this is that I can (and should) go a bit faster, especially when I’m out on my own and not distracted by nattering.  And that I shouldn’t try to do long runs when I’m excitable.

My niece was born at Saturday lunchtime – she is incredibly gorgeous and I’m completely in love.