Is it that time already? Really?

The end of December means only one thing – the looming onset of Janathon. I tried to avoid it for as long as possible, but found myself looking at train fares for the post-Janathon meet up and realised that JogBlog wouldn’t let me have pizza if I didn’t sign up for the 31 days of hellish torture fun and exciting challenge that Janathon brings.

My running has been lacking a bit recently. Every time I think I’ve re-found my mojo, the good run is followed by a forced, difficult run that leaves me wondering why I bothered in the first place. I have started to blame my rubbish running for me not going out and running. However if I was completely honest with myself, I might grudgingly admit that my running is rubbish because I am not going out and running – clearly this is not rocket science, but I am in denial.

I am hoping that the single-minded focus of Janathon will be enough to get me back on track. Either that or by day three I will fall off the wagon  and never run again.

What I do need is something to make my Janathon blogs marginally more interesting – there’s no point in doing a Rocher-o-Meter this year as I am sad to report that I must have offended the Ambassador as NOT A SINGLE FERRERO ROCHER HAS PASSED MY LIPS this Christmas. Sigh. The scope for a wintery treasure hunt is somewhat limited as most of my runs will be done in the dark – at the moment I predict that my blogging will look something like:
Day One – Ran in the daylight – saw a duck [picture of duck]
Day Two – Ran in the daylight – saw some sheep [picture of sheep]
Day Three – Ran in the dark – saw the milkman
Day Four – Ran in the dark – saw the milkman
Day Five – Ran in the daylight – saw a swan [picture of swan]

I have a day and a bit to come up with something. Anything. Anything at all…

Last year's ducks

Last year’s ducks

5 thoughts on “Is it that time already? Really?

  1. knitnrun4sanity says:

    Sorry you ate feeling this way. There are things you can record. Number of cars with one light not working. In fog we play a game to see if ee can guess the colour, would this work in the dark? How about looking for the coldest, windiest, wetest run? I dont really know but am trying to help by thinking outside of the box. I admore anyone who takes part in this. I dont think I could do it in June let alone Jan!

  2. ewoodeson says:

    I use exercise time to solve the little thunks that crop up on a daily basis: ‘what to eat for dinner’ being a favourite, or ‘where to go on holiday’, or sometimes useful things like ideas for lessons or working out some sort of logistical problem. Perhaps you could record the matters you solve, or the conversations you have with yourself (or is that just me) on the dark runs…

  3. JovialGnome says:

    Whatever you find to write about, I’m sure it’ll have me chuckling to myself like always! I know what you mean, I’m thinking along the lines of “sheep of the day” which will take care of 14 days………

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