Is it that time already? Really?

The end of December means only one thing – the looming onset of Janathon. I tried to avoid it for as long as possible, but found myself looking at train fares for the post-Janathon meet up and realised that JogBlog wouldn’t let me have pizza if I didn’t sign up for the 31 days of hellish torture fun and exciting challenge that Janathon brings.

My running has been lacking a bit recently. Every time I think I’ve re-found my mojo, the good run is followed by a forced, difficult run that leaves me wondering why I bothered in the first place. I have started to blame my rubbish running for me not going out and running. However if I was completely honest with myself, I might grudgingly admit that my running is rubbish because I am not going out and running – clearly this is not rocket science, but I am in denial.

I am hoping that the single-minded focus of Janathon will be enough to get me back on track. Either that or by day three I will fall off the wagon  and never run again.

What I do need is something to make my Janathon blogs marginally more interesting – there’s no point in doing a Rocher-o-Meter this year as I am sad to report that I must have offended the Ambassador as NOT A SINGLE FERRERO ROCHER HAS PASSED MY LIPS this Christmas. Sigh. The scope for a wintery treasure hunt is somewhat limited as most of my runs will be done in the dark – at the moment I predict that my blogging will look something like:
Day One – Ran in the daylight – saw a duck [picture of duck]
Day Two – Ran in the daylight – saw some sheep [picture of sheep]
Day Three – Ran in the dark – saw the milkman
Day Four – Ran in the dark – saw the milkman
Day Five – Ran in the daylight – saw a swan [picture of swan]

I have a day and a bit to come up with something. Anything. Anything at all…

Last year's ducks

Last year’s ducks