Just two more things…

Firstly, I’ve been in yet another quandary about a race… I missed the opportunity to do an RNLI Reindeer Run because we were away and then last weekend I couldn’t do either the Preston or Liverpool Santa runs. So I sulked a for a bit. And then I got an email about the West Kirby Santa run. In two weeks time. Considering that apparently I was dead keen to do a race in a silly outfit and that £10 is a bargain for a race AND a Santa suit, I should be rushing out to post my application. I’m not. Ginge is at work that day and I can’t think of anyone else who would be willing to be dragged along. I asked on twitter, would I look like a tit doing a Santa dash on my own? I’m sure that this sort of race should be a fun, friendly, social kind of thing, whereas what I seem to be proposing is that I drive 40 miles, dress up as Santa on my own, run 5k(ish) on my own, and then drive 40 miles home (possibly still dressed as Santa) on my own.  I did have a brief flurry of excitement I might have some twitter company, but it turns out that I misread a tweet and the Santa posse led by Jo are actually running in Surrey… I suspect that running in a silly costume will have to wait for another day.

The other thing was that while I was distracted by trying to find that Nike advert yesterday, I stumbled on this one (initially via Marathon Sweetheart‘s blog) and I fell a little bit in love.

Click for bigger

I’m probably way behind everyone else on this one (the campaign was in 2005 – even if I had seen it in 2005, the only thing I could run then was a bath) but it’s the first time I’ve seen them (there’s a whole series of body parts) and that one sums things up for me. I then got distracted by looking at the current Nike Women US campaign “Make yourself…”. It’s all a fabulous celebration of female athletes and was a welcome distraction in a fortnight of the Sports Personality of the Year debacle and Liz Jones’ guff in the Daily Mail (that  doesn’t link to her column, it goes to the Athletics Weekly blog as I couldn’t bring myself to link directly). On a similar note, Bangs And A Bun also had a bit of a twitter vent about the infuriating fact that when female athletes are interviewed by the mainstream press, they are always asked about what body part they aren’t happy with or thing would change about their appearance, rather than focussing on the fact that these athletes look fit and strong and, you know, athletic…

And speaking of fabulous female athletes, I was proper chuffed to see that JogBlog (Queen of the Athons and flapjack-devourer of this parish) has won a rather splendid competition to be adopted by SOLE and will receive £1500-worth of kit, nutrition and training support on her road to the London Marathon in April. Go JogBlog!

4 thoughts on “Just two more things…

  1. fitartist says:

    I love that Nike ad, we do need to remind ourselves of these facts. Sadly.

    I have some very sporty friends over in the West Kirkby sort of area and I know they have done the Santa races before, would you like me to see if they are doing it?

  2. plustenner says:

    love that poster!! here’s to thunder thighs – although saying that, hers are not exactly THAT large are they LOL

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