Canal Adventure #2 – Adlington to Haigh

A bit tardy with the blogging, but on Friday I completed the second chunk of my Leeds and Liverpool canal adventure. This section is kind of known to me; I ran the very beginning and across the very end during Janathon, and I have sailed down some of the route on a barge a couple of times. I thought that I had been further along towards the end point, but it turned out that I was stealing the memories of former Sooty handler Matthew Corbett and I was actually remembering the lovely Locks and Quays programme that he made about the area. Ooops.

The start - Bridge 73

As I’ve mentioned previously, the problem with my canal runs is that there will be lots of out and backs, which is good for my mileage but bad for covering the distance between Leeds and Liverpool. Having the company of Ginge allowed us to try out our plan for getting round this issue. Basically, he dropped me off at my start point (Bridge 73) while he drove down to Haigh Hall. I set off running southwards accompanied by a bit of Audiofuel, he parked up and set off running northwards, until we finally bumped into each other and did the last couple of  miles together. A bit weird, but very effective.

If this was London, I would suspect that this is Art.

The first couple of miles had a lot of forestry type work going on and there were big piles of wood chippings along the towpath.  A lot of these were very orangey and gave the morning a very autumnal feel.


Mud glorious mud

The majority of the towpath was solid underfoot, but there were a couple of slippy, slidey muddy sections that filled me with dread. I have no problems with getting a bit mucky, I just recognise that I have a rubbish sense of balance and am likely to fall on my arse. As I ran along the concrete edge of the canal, all I could think was “Don’t fall in. Remember what mum said. Don’t fall in…”. I didn’t fall in.

Bridge 60 - Positively Monet-esque.

A hint of spring

The canal running is proving to be exercise for both the body and the mind, as I want to know more about it’s history. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy finding out things.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company

A benchmark on Bridge 73 - you'd be surprised how long you can spend reading about benchmarks...

Miles run = 5.5
Canal miles completed = 5.5
Total canal miles = 8.5/127
Bridges = 73-60

4 thoughts on “Canal Adventure #2 – Adlington to Haigh

  1. Adele says:

    It’s scary running along the concrete edge isn’t it? I used to have to do that at certain points of the River Lea, sometimes with Hector is his running buggy. He loved it of course.

    You mentioned the bridge number, now that’s something that could get interesting. I’m starting to think about bridge numbers too, more to follow on my blog 😉

  2. Mum says:

    Its really bad trying to travel along that bit of towpath I,remember I came off my bike along a similar part of the bank and would have to think twice about that stretch between Adlington and Haigh.Mind you I am a bit wobbly !

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Canal….snort…carnal….sorry I still think of that when I see that word… You’re very brave running along the edge – I donlt think I could due to my rubbish balance and general clumsiness. I love the pics and the little details you add to your blogs – very entertaining please keep it up lol!

  4. fairweatherrunner says:

    I’m rather late catching up with your fantstic plans, what a great idea. Look forward to reading your progress. Know what you mean about feeling nervous about running along the edge of water or a cliff especially when its muddy!

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