Saying thanks at the Janathon lunch

Thank you to everyone who chipped in to say thanks to Cathy for organising the 31 days of hell wonder that was Janathon – you’re a very generous bunch (it shows how much we all appreciated Cathy’s hard work) and we were able to get £100 Pizza Express vouchers (carbs, very important), £225 Amazon vouchers and some bespoke Janathon goods.

A Tweet Towel celebrating Cathy's hardcore dressing gown run on January 1st

Mug (for hot chocolate) and award

"Winner, Janathon Garden Dash, 2011"

Thank you card

The card contained all the lovely messages from the secret thank you page (now not so secret and no longer password protected), which is worth a glance if you haven’t had a look at the 50+ comments that were left on there.

Thank you all for your donations (and not minding me spamming you left, right and centre) and thanks to Audiofuel Sean, Fit Artist Adele and helsbels Helen for their help in getting everything sorted.

7 thoughts on “Saying thanks at the Janathon lunch

  1. Jogblog says:

    Stop it, you’ll make me cry again! I really can’t express how totally made up and overwhelmed I was to receive so much generosity. And all so I’d agree to organise jineathon? That’s supposed to say juneathon but my phone fucked it up. Thank you so much, I’m not worthy!

  2. kathryn says:

    Being in Australia I couldn’t make it to the Janathon celebratory lunch, so hope you all had a fun time. And thanks Travelling Hopefully et al for organising the gifts for Cathy. Hope to see photos of the event soon.

  3. abradypus says:

    Thank you so much for organising the thank-you for Cathy, and then for selecting such appropriate gifts. It was good to meet you yesterday, too.

  4. notmuchofarunner says:

    Far too late for the thank you card… but thanks a lot Cathy. Enjoy your very well deseved (and well organised – credit to all those involved in getting them sorted) presents.

  5. Frances Green says:

    It’s as I suspected. I am living on a different planet to everyone else!

    Here we are at 15.18 on 25th May 2011 and I am only just reading this message for Cathy which I accidentally found while checking I’m still set up to log myself in for “Juneathon”.

    If I’d seen it before Cathy, I would have added my thanks and appreciation but am glad to say that I don’t feel totally guilt ridden and mean as I did send you a personal message of thanks and have still been commenting on your brilliant blogs which always cheer me up.

    And you must be feeling struck with delight that, already, we are fast approaching aNOTHER event.

    Thank you for making it all possible and getting me off my backside and away from the computer.

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