No more hat-based excuses

I have reached my target of 31 little hats (well I had to achieve a personal best one day) AND managed to send them in before the deadline, which is something of an achievement in itself.

After my last post, I managed to haul myself back on to the wagon, only to fall off the other side. My last run was on October 3rd and was a social amble with my friend who’s trying to get her mileage back up. Before that, I managed an actual running PB – my first ever 3 miles under 30 minutes. I know this is a small achievement in the great scheme of things, but it makes me smile when I see it on my Garmin. Since then, I’ve been either lacking in time (a pathetic excuse) or been stricken with a cold (a pathetic sight).

I’m still a bit snot-ridden, but not enough to stop me going out this weekend (I’m still grumpy about missing gorgeous autumnal weather last weekend). The plan is for an Audiofuelled 40 minutes tomorrow and a longer run on Sunday. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to try out the fancy Polaroid sunnies that I’ve been sent – the evenings are getting gloomier so it will have to be a weekend test run for them. What I could do with at the moment is some new hi-vis that doesn’t either (a) make me look like I’m part of a community payback scheme or (b) cost more than my entire running kit. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “No more hat-based excuses

  1. Monkey lady says:

    reminiscent of the Clangers,remember them ?
    Well done although how these will keep old people warm I don’t know,possibly teeny tiny people ?!

  2. jogblog says:

    Aw, those hats are so cute!

    It seems the entire blogging community has been offered sunglasses except me! (Ok, I’ve already had two pairs from them in the past, but that’s not the point…)

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