Post-it notes – the new graffiti?

This week I have been learning (alright, re-learning) the lesson – if you don’t run as much, then it will be harder when you do actually run. It’s a simple lesson, but one that I need to remember. As I try to haul myself back on the wagon, I realise that I’m going to have to (a) learn to run in the dark in the morning (b) motivate myself to run after work or (c) think about heading back to my running group after, oooh a six month absence.

Recent efforts have incuded running to my mum’s for my niece’s first birthday party (4.5 miles, highlight was taking shelter at a bus stop with a mile to go. It was like someone was tipping the rain out a bucket. Hideous), running back from Blockbuster (3 miles with a loop at the end), running a strange loopy way back home from my mum’s (7 miles with a couple of walking spells, I felt awful after 3 miles and then perked up a bit to 5 and a half)  and 2.5 miles just round the village (should have been 3 miles but I needed to cut it short. To be polite about it,  I was bowelled out…).

One thing I love about running is seeing things that I don’t notice from my car. At this point, I have to admit that this does include a church about a mile away from my house (it’s a small church. Made of wood. Very discrete.), but there are lots of other small details that you don’t notice when you’re trying not to run people over. Over my last couple of outings, this has been post-it notes. I noticed one on the pavement and didn’t think anything of it until I saw that there were some stuck to signs and other things. On my next run they were on bus shelters, cars, walls… All of them blank. I’ve no idea what significance they have, if any, but I never would have noticed them to even begin to wonder about their significance. My favourite theory of the moment is that it’s some kind of Hansel and Gretel arrangement. Or a transient art installation.

In hat news, I’m up to 16 with another 6 awaiting eyes or other accoutrements. I’ve abandoned some of the more creative ones in favour of stripes to get my numbers up (well it is for charidee) so there will be much winding of pompoms over the weekend.

In social media news, I’m now on twitter. Gah.

3 miles, 6 hats

I took myself out for a little trot around the village on Saturday morning, 3 miles – turns out it was the fastest I’ve run  that distance.

To be honest, my heart has been with the knitting and I’ve made a flying start with my tiny hats.

The first hat of the campaign. It was just the first wool that came to hand, but I've decided that it's a Compo hat in tribute to the passing of Last of the Summer Wine.

Not sure why I took the photo with the seam showing

This is how I celebrated International Beard Day on Saturday.

Hey Frankie, do you remember me?

And in recognition of our dubious view habits over the weekend –  my double knit interpretation of a film classic…

Mega Shark....

versus Giant Octopus. Oh yes.

Hats are cool

It would appear that I can run but not blog, or blog but not run. I’ve been bobbins since my last post – mainly because it was Wembley weekend last week. For the uninitiated this is the rugby league Challenge Cup final, this year’s being a one-sided affair between Warrington and Leeds. Wembley weekend isn’t just 80 minutes of rugby though, for us (a rag tag and bobtail collection of Wigan, St Helens, Leeds and Blackpool fans – I’m pretty much neutral, the club I supported for years doesn’t even exist anymore) it’s more of a social affair. Usually the first can is opened at about 9.30 on Friday morning and it’s downhill from there…

Having said that, me and Ginge were terribly sensible this year. We’re brave enough to venture into London on the tube (the underground being taken over by hoardes of uncouth northerners is a sight to behold) and normally take in a bit of culture at the National Portrait Gallery. This year, we visited the Hendrix in Britain exhibition at the Handel House Museum, which left Ginge a bit giddy. We were also lucky enough to stumble on Abbeyfest, which was  next to our hotel and supplied us with curry goat, jerk chicken and blues in the open air. It was fab.

Whilst we’re on with the non-running news, The Big Knit is back! For the next 5 weeks I will be knitting tiny hats again. None of them will be as awesome as the current Hat of the Week, but will go towards raising £200,000 for Age UK to help support older people in the winter months. If I’m organised enough, I’ll update my Big Knit page and bore you with hat updates as appropriate. Ginge has just challenged me to make a Hendrix hat on the grounds that it is the coolest hat.

Last year's hats. I remain ever so proud of the sheep.