No more hat-based excuses

I have reached my target of 31 little hats (well I had to achieve a personal best one day) AND managed to send them in before the deadline, which is something of an achievement in itself.

After my last post, I managed to haul myself back on to the wagon, only to fall off the other side. My last run was on October 3rd and was a social amble with my friend who’s trying to get her mileage back up. Before that, I managed an actual running PB – my first ever 3 miles under 30 minutes. I know this is a small achievement in the great scheme of things, but it makes me smile when I see it on my Garmin. Since then, I’ve been either lacking in time (a pathetic excuse) or been stricken with a cold (a pathetic sight).

I’m still a bit snot-ridden, but not enough to stop me going out this weekend (I’m still grumpy about missing gorgeous autumnal weather last weekend). The plan is for an Audiofuelled 40 minutes tomorrow and a longer run on Sunday. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to try out the fancy Polaroid sunnies that I’ve been sent – the evenings are getting gloomier so it will have to be a weekend test run for them. What I could do with at the moment is some new hi-vis that doesn’t either (a) make me look like I’m part of a community payback scheme or (b) cost more than my entire running kit. Any suggestions?