Slowly, slowly catchee monkey

I appear to be down to a weekly outing at the moment. Still, group run tonight and we did everyone a favour by preventing them all from being at the back. And we’re slowly getting back up to speed.

Also, to avoid a repetition of last weekend’s post-pub sloth (my partner in crime on Saturday, me big style on Sunday) we’ve arranged a pre-pub run for Saturday. I appreciate that this in not an orthodox training technique.

Time: 00:42:57
Distance: 3.73 mi
Elevation Gain: 527 ft
Calories: 462 C
Pace: 11:30 min/mi

Back on the road

A better run tonight in terms of the fact that I feel human and much better for going out. Not much better in terms of speed (especially as it was a far shorter than last week). Very little excitement to report, other than an overwhelming relief that the snow has melted.

2 more runs planned this week, Thursday and Saturday.

In other news, I tried on my suit (unworn since my last job interview over 12 months ago) – I’m relieved that I don’t have to add “buy new suit” onto my To Do list, but it was a bit a touch and go and as a result, my food diary has started again. I’ve also taken delivery of a book called Knitted Cakes, whether this proves to be a route to weight loss we shall have to see. I’m not sure of the calorie content of 4-ply.

Time: 00:44:11
Distance: 3.76 mi
Elevation Gain: 636 ft
Calories: 451 C
Avg Pace: 11:45 min/mi

Bum. I’ve managed to save this as a draft without posting it. Unfortunately this means I have to fess up to not running tonight due to more feeling off colour – absolutely knackered last light, refreshing pre-yoga nap started at half 7¬† and ended when I woke up at midnight. And then started again at 12.15 and ended at half 7 this morning. I like my sleep, but this is ridiculous. Still on for Saturday, but working on plan B to come up with a third run this week.

Less than successful snowy run

Did a club run last night in the slippy, frosty, crusted over, evil snow. We ran on the road (which made me nervous). It was slow. It was cold. I didn’t like it.

I felt awful when I got in last night and have continued to feel rubbish today, kind of dizzy and a bit sickly and have missed yoga tonight in favour of early bed. I am starting to really dislike the remaining snow, it’s not even good snow any more.

4.8 miles, 57:49, average pace 12.01min/mile.

PS. Apart from the grumpiness, I was glad I did it – even though it/I was a bit crap.

Slip sliding away

Although we’re starting to thaw, the pavements are still a bit lethal so I’ve not been out for a run – I’m having enough problems staying upright at walking pace.

We did manage to get out for a lovely walk on Sunday though.

It’s snow joke

I feel that the gods are conspiring against me. I was well up for a club run tonight, but have been scuppered by the most snow that I ever seen fall round our way.

The day started with a 6.30 phone call from the in-laws telling us that the M6 was shut and then the bbc informed us that most of the roads that me and Ginge need to get to work were also shut, at a standstill or under a snowdrift. He took the day off, I went to my other office; a 20-30 minute journey taking about an hour and a half. Having said that, I did well to get out of the end of the road considering the arse in the bmw who had interpreted winter driving rules as “leave your back windscreen covered in snow and then keep revving your car like your life depends on it”.

Managed to get to work and home safely, but spent the day office-bound¬† looking out of the window at the snow pelting down. Whilst I wasn’t keen on being out of it, the fields and trees all looked beautiful¬† and I wish I could have gone out taking more photos.

With temperatures not expected to get above zero tonight and the roads starting to freeze at half four, its fingers crossed for safe journeys tomorrow. Take care people!