Back on the road

A better run tonight in terms of the fact that I feel human and much better for going out. Not much better in terms of speed (especially as it was a far shorter than last week). Very little excitement to report, other than an overwhelming relief that the snow has melted.

2 more runs planned this week, Thursday and Saturday.

In other news, I tried on my suit (unworn since my last job interview over 12 months ago) – I’m relieved that I don’t have to add “buy new suit” onto my To Do list, but it was a bit a touch and go and as a result, my food diary has started again. I’ve also taken delivery of a book called Knitted Cakes, whether this proves to be a route to weight loss we shall have to see. I’m not sure of the calorie content of 4-ply.

Time: 00:44:11
Distance: 3.76 mi
Elevation Gain: 636 ft
Calories: 451 C
Avg Pace: 11:45 min/mi

Bum. I’ve managed to save this as a draft without posting it. Unfortunately this means I have to fess up to not running tonight due to more feeling off colour – absolutely knackered last light, refreshing pre-yoga nap started at half 7  and ended when I woke up at midnight. And then started again at 12.15 and ended at half 7 this morning. I like my sleep, but this is ridiculous. Still on for Saturday, but working on plan B to come up with a third run this week.