Happy New Year!

Once again I can’t believe that I’ve left so long between posts and once again I’m ashamed to say that this is partly down to my increasingly slapdash approach to commitment. Since my puddley run I’ve had a bit of a gammy knee, which I’ve self diagnosed as my body’s way of reminding me that I need I new pair of trainers. This has made me a bit reluctant to go out and combined with the weather and Christmas, I’ve only managed to get out a couple of times.

What I have been doing is devouring ferrero rocher, seeing lots of family and friends (alarming myself by how excited I got over my niece’s first Christmas on the way), enjoying wall to wall David Tennant on the TV/radio/universe and knitting. There’s been lots of knitting. It’s been rather ace… Next task is sorting the wool pile and dealing with the backlog of projects (whilst also graduating onto 4 needle sock kniting and learning to crochet).

Much as I love Christmas, I’m not so good with new year as it’s made me a bit miserable in previous years. I do like the idea of a clean slate though and have set myself the world’s vaguest resolutions.

The most concrete one is

  1. Learn to crochet. Then there’s…
  2. Be more sociable ( I like the idea of being warm and hospitable, but I also like the idea of gradually becoming more grumpy and cantankerous. I’m being encouraged towards former as apparently it’s nicer to live with)
  3. Learn by doing (which stemmed from a random card pick at a pre-Christmas mediation and ying yoga workshop I went to. I’ve probably misinterpreted it a bit, but I think it works).

And that’s it. I might set myself some running goals as well because I did that for 2009 (I managed all of them apart from running a 10k; I ran 10k, just not an actual 10k race).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a fabulous 2010.