Inner pace

God my posts are whingey some days – I can only apologise.

Since deciding that 10k is far preferable to 13.1 miles (how did I not realise earlier?), I have acquired a lovely 8 week training programme from Runners World and, for the first time ever, have 9 weeks to complete it in. Normally if I decide to do something like this, I usually mistime it by a couple of weeks so that I have to squeeze 8 weeks into 6… I’ve tweaked things around a bit in the first week so that the sessions fit better with my week (although I stuck hard and fast to day one being a rest day) and have figured out how to put intervals and workouts into my garmin.

Unfortunately, I haven’t quite got the knack of simple garmin things, like when can you set off if it seems like it’s never going to find its satellites or if you start off inside. Due to my thickery, I set off on Tuesday’s group run (when knowing the distance would have been fab) with the damn thing bleeping at me and telling me I was auto paused (I wasn’t going that slowly…). I didn’t have high hopes for the session as I was asleep 15 minutes before I needed to set off and was a bit flat after a crap day at work. Of course, I had a good run and really enjoyed myself. The only downside was that our route took us by my office, but in the spirit of mindfulness I noticed that there’s a cornfield a couple of streets up from the industrial estate where I work. I was far more excited by this than I should have been. Plan said easy 2-3 miles, ended up about 4.5miles and a bit more effort than I intended because I was talking to someone who is naturally faster and fitter than me.

This morning’s run was supposed to be 2 easy miles and 2 fast miles. I’m still struggling a bit with the easy pace and end up going at my normal pace and then trying to speed up too much. This meant that I went a bit hopeless and kept giving in and walking, some of this was in my head, but I think theĀ  slightly harder than planned session less that 12 hours before didn’t help either. The upshot of this is that my average speed on the fast half of the run actually ended up slower than my easy speed. I’ll get the hang of it eventually, but in the mean time I’m planning to do a short timed session ignoring distance and pace so that I don’t start getting too stressy about it.

Good things from this morning’s run:
Seeing people that I routinely pass on my drive to work (I love late starts)
Being passed by 2 of our neighbours, which made me quite smug
Seeing a sheep wake up – it kind of unfolded its legs and leaned up on a sheepy elbow, peering at me in a curious and sleepy.