New toy!

Oh, the childish excitement in the Hopefully household. I finally gave my garmin a trial run this morning, admittedly it was a slightly rubbish run and only lasted 20 minutes, but the trade off has been that I’ve been bouncing around the house like an idiot (the Friday feeling is strong in this one today).

Due to the excitement of wearing my new toy, I set off at quite a pelt until I realised that my sinuses and chest hurt. And then I had quite a poor attention span (ooh! shiny things…) and ended up looping about side roads and stuff… just because I wouldn’t have to plot it on a map when I got in.

Tonight has been spent going ooooh as I try to fathom all of the features on it, download updates, play with maps and stuff like that.

Hopefully tomorrow will see me doing a nice long run (following the route of my 90 minute run from a couple of weeks ago and trying to add on a bit at the end). I’m a bit concerned that  I may be undone by either my general snottiness or the lack of exercise this week, but fingers crossed. It’s actually been quite nice having a lazy week, but I’m ready to get back on the horse.

(note to self – would being on a horse make the run easier? Hmmm).