What’s that I can hear?

That’ll be the sound of me back pedalling furiously. I had a moment of clarity this morning – I don’t want to do the half that I’ve been muttering about.

I think that although I might be able to do enough to finish the course, I wouldn’t be happy with ‘just about finishing’, I’d want to do it well. The prospect has also taken out some of the fun from my runs, especially while I’ve been feeling a bit snotty this week (when I finished today it was like I had a family of slugs living up my nose, not nice) and I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself.

Back in January, I set some running goals for myself this year – a half marathon did not feature anywhere on the list.  My running goals were fairly basic (and pretty insignificant) but realistic. I wanted to keep runnning at least twice a week (tick! – well apart from high days and holidays), be able to run comfortably for an hour (yup – I’m not a pretty sight, but I’m not wheezing like an asthmatic spaniel), be able to run 10k (I managed just shy of 8 miles the other week) and keep a regular running log (hmmm, does random blogging count?).

My only race goal was do a 10k (and then I added on that I wanted to do it in under an hour). I’m looking a bit sheepish as I type this, but I haven’t actually done that… Why the heck am I jumping ahead? Because I’m an idiot, that’s why.

Did an hour today, 37 minutes at a steady pace (more of that in a minute) and then 23 minutes doing intervals (which I enjoyed more than I expected). It wasn’t what I expected to do, but my head seemed to be ruling my legs a bit too much and I couldn’t seem to find a nice rhythm. Maybe I’m still a bit too obsessed with the garmin (When will that pass? Anyone?), but being able to pace myself properly was rather nice. Last week I found that the only way I had to keep an eye on my pace was whether or not I was going faster than the canal barge next to me. Steady, but it’s not really the most accurate or challenging of techniques. Incidentially I was going faster than the barge. Honest, I was, I promise…