Janathon 3/31: action!

By nature I am a procrastinator, but not today. Oh no. Today the plan was dictated by the weather; get out early, take Mini-Ginge to a playground before the rain set in for the day, have a rainy afternoon mooching around at home, run in the evening hopefully catching the brief window when the rain was ‘light’ (according to the Met Office). It all went according to plan until about three o’clock when I suddenly thought why wait until it’s dark, when even the light rain would seem heavy and I’d get all sulky about going out. I might as well just get it done, so I got changed and did the 47 minutes that my plan asked from me. 

Of course it rained for all 47 minutes. But it was mostly daylight (which helped) with the streetlights coming on at the halfway point of my run. And then the rain became even heavier, but I didn’t care because I was on my way home by then. So yay me for just getting it done.

It was slightly harder doing my strength exercises though…


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