Janathon 2/31: mardy

Maybe it was after having such a lovely day with my waffles family yesterday, maybe I was just a bit hungry, but I spent a good chunk of today surrounded by a fog of negativity. Poor Ginge had to endure my crap mood, all the while knowing that a good run would clear my head and improve my disposition. If only I would stop being such a mardy and just get my trainers on.

Speaking of trainers, mine are a bit battle scarred post-marathon and it’s about time that I replaced them. I look on enviously at people’s photos of gorgeous trainers in rainbow colours. Unfortunately due to the size and wonkiness of my great flippers, I am limited to whatever is available in “well cushioned boat”. Since I started running, I have flipped between New Balance 1260 and Asics Gel Kayanos, and while we were heading up the M6, Ginge suggested a detour to the New Balance factory shop at Shap. It’s great there, the staff are really knowledgable (and patient) and I picked up my new shoes for £68 (well £62.50, plus a fiver p&p because they didn’t have my exact size so they ordered them in from another branch). Hopefully I will be re-shod on Tuesday. 

Today my Magic Plan demanded an assessment run, which involves a 5 minute gentle warm up, 5 at an easy pace, a couple of minutes walk and then 3.2km as quick as I can, followed by another minute’s walk and 5 more easy. I have a love hate relationship with my assessment runs, I like to see how I’m doing, but I do have a tendency to overthink them and talk myself out of pushing myself too much. I suspect that if I ran these with someone else, they would definitely be faster.

After my run I lunged, planked, bridged and pressed up, before settling down (in a much better mood, he knows me far too well) with pie and the remains of a giant Ferrero Rocher.

Note the second giant Ferrero Rocher that is queuing up to be eaten.

3 thoughts on “Janathon 2/31: mardy

  1. IAmKat says:

    Yay! How did the assessment go? My recent one has slowed me down, probably not a bad thing though as I managed to actually keep pace for 17km on Sunday.
    Hope the new trainers are one your feet soon

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