Janathon: 1/31 – Resolutions

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been cheerfully Liking people’s tweets about Janathon and it was only this morning that I realised that I hadn’t actually signed up myself. Oops. My Athon-denial was clearly getting the better of me this year. 

I’m not very good at all the resolution business, most years I will buy a diary in the faint hope that one year I will become one of those people who Keeps a Diary (I will also have homemade biscuits in the biscuit tin and always wear matching undies). This year I have set myself some vague running goals, I would like to get my 5k and 10k back to pre-pregnancy times (or better if I’m not too decrepit for that), and I would like to have another punt at a marathon that isn’t run in a wind tunnel. Other than that, I would like to work on becoming generally stronger, but in particular trying to sort out the tight hip flexors/lower back niggles that have been plaguing me for months. The answer to this seems to be to do some specific stretches and improve my core strength (the latter is the answer to everything from pelvic floors to back pain to sucking in my flabby ‘mum tum‘ beer and pie belly). I would also like to be able to do a proper press up, just the one – my upper body is as weak as a kitten.

With this in mind, Kat has recommended two apps 30 day fitness challenges and Gaiam yoga studio, and seeing as she introduced me to The Magic Plan, I would be a fool not to give them a try.

Because I ran yesterday (a New Year’s Eve 10k to earn the Pow Virtual Running winter medal) and The Magic Plan demands that I run tomorrow, today’s Janathon was 3 kneeling press ups, an assortment of lunges and a bit of bridging. Oh, and waffles, lots of lovely waffles…


6 thoughts on “Janathon: 1/31 – Resolutions

  1. knitnrun4sanity says:

    I have spent the last few months concentrating on my strength and I can now do 3 sets of 8 proper man press ups. I am so happy with myself. It feels awesome. Keep that goal in mind – you will get there. Xx

  2. IAmKat says:

    Waffles, bacon & syrup! All the win!
    Hope you get on OK with the apps, I find as long as you actually stick to using them they work 😉

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