In which we storm a castle before breakfast

After my Friday learning stuff at Liverpool Uni, Ginge retrieved me from Kirkby station and we ventured down the motorway to Wales. We’re staying in Conwy for a couple of nights and Ginge very kindly offered to accompany me on an adventure run around the town.


Our room is on the top floor of the hotel and Miles seem to appreciate being nearer to the sky so he can find those pesky satellites.


I seem to be drawn to running near water – seafront, canals, rivers, wherever. Now, I’d love to claim there’s some deep psychological or meditative reason for this (though generally it does make me feel happy), but it’s mainly the simple fact that watery places tend to be flatter. Whilst Conwy does have enough water to warrant having a lifeboat, it’s also in Wales. Ergo there are hills. That’s not what I signed up for.


Up and up the town walls we climbed…


Up and up the stone steps, round and round the spiral staircases, until we were the kings of the castle.


Working our way back down the uneven, slightly slippery stairways involved a little more caution (and downright girliness from me at times). Then it was through town, onto the quayside, back through the woods and up some more hills before returning to the hotel for a lovely breakfast.


UPDATED – for Adele, yes we did see the smallest house!