The Fog

Or, thumbs up to thumb holes.

Oh, thumb holes how I love you

I woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine at the front of the house. When I scampered into the spare room at the back of the house, I peered over the biggest ironing mountain in the world to see that there were frosty cars in the car park. This meant the first frost of the autumn and my first chance to wear my Mizuno long sleeved top with thumb holes. I adore thumb holes. Maybe it’s the inner sulky teenager in me, but I love being able to yank my sleeves over my hands…

Anyway, my plan for today was to do a quick three-mile out and back, just running, no photos, but seeing the frost made it seem like a good morning to have another soul run round the lodge. I decided to take my camera just in case there was some nice frost along the way and I’m very glad that I did.

As I ran down the hill out of the village, a thick fog cloaked the road and into the valley.

The view from the road into the valley...

...and the valley back up to the road

I couldn’t see across the car park and the view that met me at the top of the steps was a little different from yesterday’s run.

Compare and contrast with Saturday's version...

The greyness surrounded me (and everything else) and made it a little eerie. There were plenty of dogs (and their people) around and when one of them barked, somehow  it sounded loud but far away at the same time. It was calm and still, cold and bleak, but all the while I ran with the knowledge that there were blue skies just waiting to get through.

Foggy ducks

The, um, view across the water

So that’s two days of mojo recapturing done – this week I’ve got an after work 7 miler planned with Ginge on Tuesday and then an early Thursday to make four sessions this week. Oh and, I wore my new running shoes and didn’t notice them at all. I think that this is a good thing, but will give them a few more outings before I decide on my final verdict.