Taller, thinner, faster

I suspect that I’m going have a love-hate relationship with intervals. I know they’re good for me and (at the moment) they’re the most exciting thing in my training plan (I say that now, in a few weeks I’ll look back with fond memories at having to do an easy 3 miles), but when faced with them, I will try to weasel out of it.

And weasel I did on Monday morning . And again on Monday evening. But not on Tuesday. No sir. With hope in my heart and nothing in my ears (I didn’t think Radio 4 was conducive to speed), I plodded off on my easy mile, taking a shortcut so that my intervals would start on a flat bit. The intervals themselves weren’t as bad as I expected, although I was very aware of how much my posture changes when I speed up – tailbone tucks under, buttocks clench, shoulders go back, height goes up a few inches… I can nearly convince myself that I look like the tall thin runner that I’m meant to be!

After work I went to try on sunglasses with Ginge. My family have always enjoyed putting hats and glasses on me, and Ginge is no exception, especially when I’m as grumpy about it as I was tonight. Having squinted my through most of Juneathon, I’m finally coming round to the idea of running in sunglasses. Grudgingly. On the one hand, I know it’s bad for my eyes, I scrunch up my face which makes me uncomfortable and I’ve set off enough times in my normal sunnies to know that it’s a good idea. On the other hand, I’m convinced that I’ll look like an arse.

Has anyone else faced the same dilemma? Do you look like an arse running in sunglasses? And what should I be looking for in a pair? (other than won’t fall my face/don’t make me look too much of an arse, which are my only criteria at the moment).

Week One I should have run… I actually ran…
Session 1 3 miles easy (12.21 min/mile) 3 miles at 11.59
Session 2 2 miles steady (10.44 min/mile) 3 miles at 10.49
Session 3 5 miles easy (12.21 min/mile) 5 miles at 11.46
Session 4 1M jog, 4x400m fast (9.17 to 8.57min/mile) with 200m recoveries,  (13min/mile to effectively being asleep), 1M jog 1M at 11.46
Intervals at 8.48/12.07 9.04/12.24
1M at 11.36

2 thoughts on “Taller, thinner, faster

  1. Breandán says:

    I’m doing intervals too these days – I think you feel great after them but they are very tough to do. As regards sunglasses – what we wouldn’t give to have that problem over here in Ireland! We run with umbrellas!

    • travellinghopefully says:

      I was a wee bit achey in places this morning! I had a look at the training plan that you’re following but it scared me off as it had far too made numbers and abbreviations….

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