Rat. Drowned.

Here in the North West we have had a hosepipe ban since July 9th. Since July 13th it has rained. Every single day. We have had every single type ranging from light drizzle through to a full-on torrential thunder storm, but it’s still bloody rain.

Today I did 7 miles in the rain, which I have to admit wasn’t as bad as I expected, although it was a bit warm and clammy in my waterproof jacket. The route that I did is one that I’ve done a couple of times with mixed success, last time was in April when I ran about 6 miles of it (walking up a couple of hilly bits) and then run-walking home. I’m pleased to report that I ran the whole 7 miles today – it felt comfortable, despite the fact that I’m still going faster than my training plan advises, and I really enjoyed it.

I suspect that I will have to get used to running in the rain given that this is our 5 day forecast from the Beeb. I give my word that I won’t use the hosepipe over the next week.

5 day forecast