Rain + rain = puddles

A certain amount of thickery today… Despite the fact that it has rained pretty much every day since, um, ages ago, my little brain didn’t click that this would result in the canal towpath being mainly puddles. We nearly gave up before we started as our usual route is closed for lock repairs, we had to fight through hedgerow to get past anglers’ brollies, got distracted by ducks and then had a mile of puddle dodging/near drowning. I don’t mind getting wet or muddy, but have wonky ankles and a poor sense of balance so muddy puddles are fraught with danger for me, especially when they’re next to the cold, dark depths of the Leeds-Liverpool. After a mile we gave up on the towpath and went on the road to run through the town centre instead. Not necessarily the rural nature run I had in mind, but we did 5 miles.

Time: 01:00:32
Distance: 5.01 mi
Elevation Gain: 595 ft
Calories: 600 C

At what point do you realise that you have no shame as a runner? I think I’m nearly there after going to Asda post run, mud-splattered tights, windswept hair, bright red face, soaking wet trainers…and I didn’t bat an eyelid.