Even clown cars have horns

Survived the long run group! And we weren’t at the back. Alright, so we were 4th and 5th from the back and that was mainly due to the very last 2 people being the group leaders who have to be there to make sure no one dies en route. 30 minutes out and back, 5.25 miles and a sodding valley (it is a valley I promise you).



See. A valley. There’s a river at the bottom and everything. This was spot on halfway round so although we had to do up the hill, we got an instant downhill before the uphill again.

And to make things even better, we were accompanied by a selection of ‘helpers’ who encouraged us on our way. Now, I pass a lot of runners while I’m out and about during the day, normally I just think “I’d be out running if I wasn’t at work” (this is a lie, I’d be watching Diagnosis Murder and eating toast). I have never, ever been tempted to beep my horn and gesticulate what I think was a ‘knees up’ gesture as one chap did tonight. I suspect that he’d done this at every small group of us he passed (we were quite spread out by then) so I couldn’t even feel special, in fact I felt a little cheap. Neither have I been tempted to just yell something quite random at passing runners. I really hope that the girls hadn’t thought too hard about what to yell tonight because all I heard was “yaaaaa yaaaa yaaaaa yaaaaa”. And I certainly haven’t beeped my horn at runners on a bridge over the motorway whilst driving on the motorway below. Usually I am concentrating on the whole driving concept. Ah well, it keeps them happy I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Even clown cars have horns

  1. Highway Kind says:

    That certainly looks like a proper bit of uphill – think of all the good it would have done you.

    Is there something about the route to explain the unusually high concentration of idiots? Two stray comments and a beeping is an awful lot.

    • travellinghopefully says:

      There was a bit of sunshine, and we’re an all women running group so I think that the magnificent sight of us all is too much for some people to deal with. It certainly was for the group of builders who were fascinated by our looping back past their site the other week.

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