Just the two of us

Following Thursday night’s accidental agreeing to maybe doing a  half marathon, the ‘training’ has begun. We’ve done a 3.5 mile on Thursday, 5.8 on Saturday morning and 3.5 yesterday. Tomorrow we’re being terribly brave and going to the long run group (an hour’s run) and I’ve an early hour and 10-20 minute run planned on Saturday (before I go to Manchester and eat too much. Hmmm, I see a theme here…).

Running with someone else is a little bit odd for me at the moment. I’d just got into a lovely routine of early running and now I’m back to going out after work. Luckily Husband is very tolerant and can cook, otherwise we would both starve. It’s also a bit strange as our motivation levels are a bit different – I’m proper little Miss Keen Knickers (I got busted stopping the watch when we had to wait to cross roads/remove stones from shoes/decide which way to go… Well the only person you cheat is yourself. What’s happened to me?) and have noticed that I’m running a bit slower than I do on my own.

Having said that…

  • I think I’m doing better runs in the afternoon than stupid early on little/no food. They’re definitely longer
  • Running a bit slower is probably a good thing for our long runs
  • The company’s lovely
  • I’m going out when I would probably be sitting
  • We set out to do an hour and ended up adding on an extra 7 minutes (I would have rounded up to 10, but it’s better than nowt)

I think my answer is to chuck in a solo outing  just to remind myself that I can do it alone. Best of all in this, I found myself looking forward to running yesterday (admittedly I was in an audit workshop at the time, but still…)

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