Janathon day five: Spar treatment

It was wet, there was housework to be done (well Ginge had to deal with the twelfth night aftermath of choosing a ten foot tall Christmas tree) and I spent much of today in fleecy pyjamas. To be honest, the day took a while to get going because I’m finding that I’m completely knackered in the mornings at the moment. Before Mini-Ginge came along, I was an early bird – I consider morning to be the best part of the day (and am convinced that the day is pretty much over by about two in the afternoon). At the moment, I’m getting up to do a 4/5am feed and feeling quite awake afterwards. I keep thinking about getting up and doing stuff, but choose to get another couple of hours shut-eye before his next breakfast. When I wake up for this feed, I’m much sleepier than I was pre-dawn. It is annoying.

Anyway, whinging over. Today’s Janathon was a family walk up to the Spar to pick up a few bits that we needed for tea (the meal, not cuppa or cream, abradypus). We did try to add a bit more of a loop on, but the wind was bitter and the only one of us not bothered by this was tucked up, asleep and cosy in his pram. It was just over a mile.

Oh, and I did do my physio exercises before the midnight cut-off, but I’m still a set behind because I’ve only just eaten and Sherlock’s on in a bit.

Tomorrow I am venturing to the actual gym. I can only use two pieces of equipment, can’t find my locker padlock and am not sure that I have any kit that looks ok or at least doesn’t run the risk of indecency charges.


Please note the time at the top

Physio exercises (at time of writing 4/5).

Janathon day one: Plan? What plan?

My plan for Janathon was that Mini-Ginge and I would get out for a daily walk. Our good intentions didn’t even last the first day. The weather was terrible, himself was being a hungry boy and we both agreed that it was a much better idea to stay in and have a brew with his gran.

Hels had set a Janathon challenge of doing a pyjama plank and whilst I happily volunteered to do the PJ wearing, I’m still banned from some abdominal exercises so I can’t plank (because I would have been planking daily if I was allowed. Honest.). The ban (along with high impact exercise) was imposed by the lovely physio that I’m seeing regarding the after effects of Mini-Ginge’s arrival. With all of Dr Big Hands’ messing around, my pelvic floor is not quite as well laid as it was previously. The result of this is that I’m now a very loud cheerleader for pelvic floor exercises and was referred to a post-natal exercise group for core stability.

The first group was a few weeks ago and I have been practising my exercises religiously since then. Oh hang on, I haven’t actually done them since the last session. Ooops. So day one of Janathon has been a set of my physio exercises just so I can hold my head slightly higher when I go to the class tomorrow.

The exercises are very familiar to me as there’s some overlap with yoga and some overlap with the physio I did for my ITB a couple of years ago, I just need to actually do them to make them work…

Oh, and just to keep Hels happy, I donned my foxy pyjamas specially for the occasion.