Day 3/30 – Idiot

Just after posting my morning vs evening dilemma yesterday, it dawned on me that I could have the best of both worlds – a lie in AND a morning run – because I had to take my car to be looked at, which meant leaving the house 45 minutes later. So that’s what I did.

I set off at about half sevenish and was immediately freaked out by the number of people and cars that were out and about. I have truly been spoiled by 6am runs. It freaked me out so much that I abandoned my planned route and went down to the lodge to enjoy some peace and quiet. Getting down there was fine, down one brow, across the troll bridge and round the lodge. This is where it went a bit pear-shaped… I got back to where I started, across the troll bridge and started up the brow. Now, this brow is a steeper brow than yesterday’s, in fact as I was running down it I remember thinking “crikey, this is making me go a bit fast, I wouldn’t like to run up this”. A few minutes later and I decide to start running up it. A few seconds later and I decide to start walking up it.

As if this wasn’t enough, my idiot brain keeps thinking… Now it’s, “Let’s not run up the brow, let’s follow this path that I’ve never gone along before. That’s a grand idea.” Turns out the path was a very long steady slope. At this point, there was more walking, a little grumpiness and a woman with 3 dogs. So I follow another path and reach a track at the back of some houses. I stop. I have no idea where I have come out or which way to go. I fiddle with my garmin for a bit and try to see which way a chap with a van goes – he goes right and out of a big gate. I panic and run back down the very long steady slope, back to the car park and up yesterday’s brow. As I reach the top, I look to my left and see the bloody gate that the bloody man with the bloody van went out.

I am an idiot.


My legs were proper tired this morning. I’m hoping that they’re not being disturbed by the daily running, but rather that they were a bit wobbly from the fierce yoga I’d done ten hours previously. We have been doing the Five Tibetan Rites, which are supposed to help you live longer, though I suspect that any Tibetan would struggle to recognise my uncoordinated flailing as being anything mystical or life prolonging.

Another early morning run tomorrow and I’ve just dropped husband off at the pub with the words “don’t forget I’ve got Juneathon in the morning…”

Day 2/30 – Browbeaten

Well, the Juneathon fear is loosening its grip slightly. This morning I woke up at 4.50, which is only an hour before my alarm and therefore an improvement on yesterday. I didn’t leap out of bed with quite the same enthusiastic terror as yesterday, which led me to ponder that if this is what I’m like on day 2, what am I going to be like on day 22.

Just did 2 miles this morning, sort of  breaking one of my cardinal rules on the way – never run down a road that calls itself a brow, it may be fun on the way down, but it will all end in tears on the way back. It was misty and grey this morning, the complete opposite of what I had been promised, so I abandoned my plan of going round the lodge and thought I’d just do a mile out and back again. As I ran down the long slope of the hill, I was suddenly gripped with the idea “I don’t feel like running back up the long, slow hill, why don’t I come back up the shorter steeper hill that I never run up because I tried it a year ago and it was a git”.

I did it. In a shuffling, huffing and puffing way, but I did it. I’m now just a little bit narked that I’ve looked at it on my garmin stats and the little graph doesn’t look half as impressive as I hoped it would. Pah.

Tonight is yoga night and tomorrow is supposed to be a post-work run. I’m divided on this. Part of me says “Yay! Lie in!”, part of me says “Arse! It’s going to be hot and sweaty!” and I’m not sure which will win.

Even clown cars have horns

Survived the long run group! And we weren’t at the back. Alright, so we were 4th and 5th from the back and that was mainly due to the very last 2 people being the group leaders who have to be there to make sure no one dies en route. 30 minutes out and back, 5.25 miles and a sodding valley (it is a valley I promise you).



See. A valley. There’s a river at the bottom and everything. This was spot on halfway round so although we had to do up the hill, we got an instant downhill before the uphill again.

And to make things even better, we were accompanied by a selection of ‘helpers’ who encouraged us on our way. Now, I pass a lot of runners while I’m out and about during the day, normally I just think “I’d be out running if I wasn’t at work” (this is a lie, I’d be watching Diagnosis Murder and eating toast). I have never, ever been tempted to beep my horn and gesticulate what I think was a ‘knees up’ gesture as one chap did tonight. I suspect that he’d done this at every small group of us he passed (we were quite spread out by then) so I couldn’t even feel special, in fact I felt a little cheap. Neither have I been tempted to just yell something quite random at passing runners. I really hope that the girls hadn’t thought too hard about what to yell tonight because all I heard was “yaaaaa yaaaa yaaaaa yaaaaa”. And I certainly haven’t beeped my horn at runners on a bridge over the motorway whilst driving on the motorway below. Usually I am concentrating on the whole driving concept. Ah well, it keeps them happy I suppose.