Getting back to it

Shhhhh! I’m hunting wabbits…

Not really. But still, shhhhhhh, if we could all whisper please because I think that I’ve found my running mojo and I don’t want to scare it away.

It’s now eighteen months since Mini Ginge arrived and my return to running has been patchy at best. My running mojo has become skittish and unreliable. It’s not the mojo’s fault, the poor thing has been let down so many times that I think it’s developed trust issues. I keep thinking that I’ve got it back and then things happen. Sometimes it’s fairly legitimate reasons, my back went into spasm and spent two weeks listing to one side – I ended up seeing a rehab therapist who pummelled the knots so convincingly that I had actual bruises…

Sometimes it’s a case of I’m tired, I haven’t got time, Ginge is working late. These are not reasons, they are excuses.

And then there’s the worst ones. These are when I just give up. I’ll not bore you with the ins and outs of these, but I convince myself that I can’t do it and there’s no point. These usually coincide with me being tired and tiredness brings with it a dark gloomy cloud of gloom. I bloody hate this cloud.

The stupid thing is, I feel better for running. I LOVE running in the Spring, it’s absolutely my most favourite season (Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter is my ranking if you’re interested) and usually puts a big daft grin on my face. Even though I know I’ll feel better for a run, that knowledge isn’t always enough to give me the kick up the bum and put my trainers on. Logistically, this next week is going to take a bit of effort and organisation (and possibly a hideously early start), but I know that I need to put that in to get the best out. And I think I just needed to see that written down, so thank you for reading this far!