It’s happened again…

Every year I think, “maybe I’ll not do Janathon this time” and every year I find myself signing up for it yet again. This year is Janathon’s 5th birthday, so it seemed rude not to say yes to JogBlog when she bullied reminded me to sign up.

The reason for my hesitation this year is that I like to do things properly and although I know that the Athons are festivals of activities and excuses, I have three complete, running every day Janathons under my belt and after that, anything feels like a bit of a cop out. As I said to JogBlog, I miss being hardcore. So what was her reply? “You can do hardcore”. And then told me that she and Hels have faith in me.

So I told Ginge about this, fully expecting him to tell me not to be daft, and do you know what he said? He said “you can do it” and then “it might be what you need”. This is despite the fact that my triangle of work, domesticity and childcare is held together by gossamer threads before you throw running every day into the mix…

But it might just be what I need.

4 thoughts on “It’s happened again…

  1. Dorisimo says:

    Good luck with Janathon! I’ve not signed up yet but getting around to it having read Ron Hill has jogged a mile a day for 50 years…. !!

  2. fitflo says:

    Lol I too was encouraged to enter and gave in! Ha, we’ll have fun I’m sure! Am going to try v hard to get one of the cats into that babygro this Janathon….

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