Spring has sprung

Yesterday we were treated to a day of blue skies and sunshine – I even had an ice cream in the park. Finally it feels that there is a glimmer of hope that, whisper it, winter might be over. Today wasn’t supposed to be quite so nice up north so after a considerable amount of faffing, I hauled myself out for a plod before the rain came.

It was more like 2.62 than 26.2 (and well done to everyone who ran London today – I treat you all with reverence and respect. Oh, and good luck with entering next year’s ballot!) but I did get to see some black lambs wearing white socks.


Initially the sheep were all quite far away, but while I took photos they started to trot over to me.


I’m not sure whether I simply caused a false alarm for breakfast time…


…or whether I’d triggered some kind of ovine uprising…

SAM_2215…I didn’t stick around to find out.