The owl who was afraid of the dark…

I’m afraid that I’ve not adjusted very well to the clocks going back. For some reason or another, I’ve preferred to run in the evenings and haven’t done a 6am run for months and months (I suspect it was during Juneathon) and I’m struggling to get back into the habit. On several occasions, I have managed to set an alarm and get up at 5.30, but on the same number of occasions I have also managed to peer through the blinds, shrug and go back to bed. While the evenings were still light, I convinced myself that it was because I could always run after work ‘because it will be light then’. In the week before the clocks changing I clung onto the dimming tea-time light, trying desperately to delay the inevitable.

If I still had a job where I spent most the day photoshopping safety equipment onto animals, I could run at dinner time. Luckily I am more gainfully employed now.

My issue with the clocks changing is that I’m faced with the majority of my runs being completed in darkness. I either get up early and run in the dark, or I run when I get home and I run in the dark. I don’t mind running in the dark as such, but it means that I have to wear my ‘I’m on day release’ hi-vis bib, don’t take my shuffle and am restricted to running on well-lit main roads which can get a bit dull at times.

On a cold and frosty morning.

I also find that weekend runs take on a new sense of importance. This is often the only daylight run I will do during the week and thus it must be A Good Run. It must be scenic, it must be well run and I must enjoy myself. I become so focused on all of this that the planning, the angst and the self-imposed pressure overshadow the basic need to put one foot in front of the other.

What? No Batman?

Luckily, this weekend the weather was particularly autumnal and I had a spring in my step as I did a 6 mile route that takes in my favourite recharging spot (the local nature reserve). I ran resplendent in my brand new New Balance purple tights (I fear they make me look half-woman, half-aubergine but was pleased to read in that day’s Observer that I was fabulously on trend darling) after revising my bottom-half wardrobe and replacing most of my baggy and wonkily lengthed tights with 50% off factory shop bargains. I can only apologise to anyone driving along the main road who was treated to the sight of me ferreting the scratchy end of its price tag out of my belly button.

I declare Sunday to have been A Good Run

I am faced with an early run in the morning. I remain unconvinced.

6 thoughts on “The owl who was afraid of the dark…

  1. Lucy says:

    I love abradypus’ comment – totally what I hated about long distance relationships too, and I’d never thought about it that way! Actually what I dislike about ‘not long distance but sometimes don’t see each other often’ relationships too, come to that.

    Anyway! Glad it’s not just me that’s finding the mid-week runs a bit of a drag now that they can only be on well lit roads. I’m loving the sound of purple running tights – do you mind if I ask what brand they are?

  2. Adele says:

    And this from a Janathon regular. You will adjust, you will. Slowly.

    Those tights sound lovely, I’m dabbling with the idea of some colour on my legs too, it will be a jump from black, black and sometimes dark blue.

  3. fortnightflo says:

    I didn’t even know they did long ones in anything oher than black! Completely agree with the sentiment of finding it hard to adjust. I’m going to try a morning run tomorrow too…I’ll ‘tweet’ you for encouragement!

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