What I have (not) done since Juneathon finished

There are some cast iron certainties in this world and just as night follows day, Juneathon is always followed by a short hiatus from blogging. And sometimes running. This year is no exception. After we got back up North (the memory of sunshine rapidly fading as we headed further up the M6) it was straight back into work, domestic stuff and of course another trip to the big city for the Juneathon picnic.

As always, it was lovely to see Jogblog Queen of the Athons (who would like a late credit for giving me both pub and rhino in my treasure hunt AND for letting us in on the best rhino spotting site in Kent), and picnic stalwarts Hels, Shaun, Jimmy and Rachel, as well finally saying hello to Praddles at Borough Market (luckily I had been swept clean of pastry crumbs after devouring a Ginger Pig sausage roll that was as big as my head) and meeting the legend that is Tom Roper (who claims that we plied him with wine and flapjack. This is absolutely true).

Whether or not I have run enough to offset the amount I consumed whilst occupying the Hyde Park bandstand is another matter. Basking in the Kent sunshine, I was full of enthusiasm for the half marathon training that I would face on my return home – I even went so far as to scribble some (gasp) goals and a vague training plan to see me through to October. I’ll admit that the plan looked like a far more appealing prospect from a week and several hundred miles away. I think I can claim to have gone for quality over quantity with a nice seven miler (it’s been a while since I’ve done more than six) and some more actual hill training (which was more enjoyable than I expected. I probably wasn’t working hard enough). The worrying thing is that I bought Runners World to read on the train down to London – maybe it’s my theorist tendencies, but as soon as I purchase a copy, I tend to stop running as if the mere presence of the magazine in the house will compensate for a lack of actual exercise.

Tomorrow then sees an early run (because after work it’s time for my guilt-free biscuitfest courtesy of the nice Blood people) and a chance to ponder and reflecct on what I have learned during Juneathon 2012.