In which there is more wool than you can shake a knitting stick at

If you’re here for the running, move along, there’s nothing for you here. We’ll just say that there hasn’t been a great deal of it over the past few days, but there has been a lot of woolly goodness.

We’ve been up in Whitby for a few days – I love Whitby, we tend to go up every year and I even went on a running break there a few years ago. This time however, it seemed to be all about the wool. We stopped off at Saltburn-by-the-Sea to visit the Olympic graffiti knitting on the pier. The identity of the knitters behind this remains a closely guarded secret, but whoever you are – woolly hats off to you for creating such a fantastic display!

The pier at Saltburn

Kayaking (or canoeing) (I think kayaking though)

Waving not drowning

I have no pun - it's just ace...

At the moment, I have very sensible projects on my needles – one of which has proved to be perfect for pub knitting. The Wingspan scarf looks amazing, but is fairly straightforward garter stitch with a turn every other row – enough to keep my interest but simple enough to manage conversation and drink beer whilst not making mistakes and/or swearing. I have absolutely no shame when it comes to knitting in public, despite the curious looks it sometimes gets. Oddly enough though, last night proved to be the first and second time that anyone has asked me what I’m doing – I hope my rambling and hand-flapping explanation sufficed for them.

Knit one, purl one, sup one

Bookending the sensible knitting was another bit of community woolliness, this time inside the Captain Cook Museum. The museum is celebrating the Earl of Sandwich, who was one of Cook’s friends and patrons, and what better way to commemorate the man behind the butty than by knitting a whole pic-knit of sarnies?

The pic-knit in progress

And have an octopus presiding over every knitted crumb.

Well I'm not going to fight him for his barmcake

I cannot tell you how much I cooed over this lettuce

I was most miffed to have missed the “how to knit an octopus” workshop by 48-hours, but fully intend to contribute my crust to the project as soon as I’ve thought of my filling (and have stopped being intimidated by the examples on their blog – I love the wasp attracting jam sandwich). If you want to knit a sandwich for Sandwich, there are patterns and details at the greatsandwichpicknit website.

Thank you to the Administrator of the museum for letting me take photos – it was much appreciated!