A goal post

After England had beaten India on Saturday, I found myself listening in awe to the post-match interviews on TMS. The gist of the a lot of what the players talked about was yes it’s nice we’re number one in the world, but come Monday we’ll be setting our next goal. I think it was Swanny who described how they’d sat down and plotted their way up to that position, identifying goals that would take them one step nearer to the desired outcome. I’m rubbish at setting goals and can’t imagine the mindset and confidence that goes into plotting world domination.

In the spirit of trying, I set a goal for today’s run – Run 8 miles without crying or either leg dropping off.

I even did good goal setting by ensuring that this was a SMART goal – was it…
SPECIFIC? Yes, definitely.
MEASURABLE? Miles confirmed the 8 miles, crying was a simple yes/no and basic counting skills covered the leg goal.
ACHIEVABLE? I thought so, I’d done 6.5 with Ginge last week, even with some dented confidence it was doable.
RELEVANT? Well Folkestone is in 6 weeks, so yes, running further is slightly relevant at this point.
TIME-BOUND? Yes, if I didn’t do it today, I suspect I never would. In the event, I was home in tome to listen to The Archers.

Hurrah! I achieved a goal! I feel ever so proud.

4 thoughts on “A goal post

  1. Sue jones says:

    Ooh well done what happened to the injury. Seeing the photos of that hill
    at the end of Folkestone I think I’d be inclined
    become injured again!

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