And the hats are back….

So I knitted my hats and sent them off to the lovely people at Innocent at the end of November. Since then, I’ve been following the Hat of the Week only to get wool envy and have to sigh a big sigh that none of my hats made the grade (considering that they’ve received 625,360 hats this year, the odds were stacked against me). Except for this week when I didn’t look at the contenders and I only went and won the bloody thing! I am giddier than is seemly for a woman of my age.

Having signed up for Janathon, competitive knitting is the only thing¬† I’m likely to win in the near future. I love Junathon – the bright early mornings, the evening runs along the canal, the sun on my face and the breeze through my hair…¬† At the moment I struggle to get up in time to do the basic necessities to look vaguely presentable, go to work in the gloom and come home in the dark. I hate running on my own in the dark and continue to avoid buying a new hi-vis bib so that I have a ready made excuse to stay in. Why the heck have I signed up for Janathon?