Woman runs faster than horse. Twice.

Oh yes. I can now adjust my top 3 of stuff that I’m faster than to…

  1. Me
  2. A canal barge going through a series of locks
  3. A small pony topped with a small jodphured child and led by the child’s mum on a rope

Alternatively, the last one could be 3. A large horse out for a gentle early morning stroll

Since the arrival of spring, it’s been world of horse in the village. Cue slightly unexpected clip-clopping and neighing of an afternoon and gymkhana season in one of the local fields. It’s rather wonderful and is like living in a Thelwell cartoon.

According to my garmin, I’ve run 30 miles since my last post and I’m quite chuffed to have done a couple of 6 mile sessions in that time. I’ve also been trying to tackle my nemesis hill once a week (partly because avoiding it was limiting my choice of routes) and have come to quite like it. I’ve noticed quite a difference in my performance pre-breakfast and after work runs (which narks me slightly as psychologically I prefer my morning runs).  Oh, and I’ve been getting marginally faster on my shorter runs.

In real life, I started my new job yesterday. The team seem lovely and I have  a good feeling that I made the right choice in taking a leap of faith and moving onward and upward. The downside at the moment is that I’m totally pooped when I get in.  I’m not doing a great deal, mainly smiling at people whose names I’ve forgotten, but it’s just little things like I’m having to concentrate on where I’m driving to because the area’s a mystery to me.  And I’ve had a wisdom tooth taken out and have been basking in unbroken sleep for the first time in ages!