Living up to the name

Hmmm.  What have I learned in the last couple of months? Well, setting targets for major events is not a good idea for me. Since setting up this blog and planning to enter the Mersey Tunnel 10k, I have done the running equivalent of hiding under my duvet. I’ve probably run every week, but nowt particularly challenging and certainly nowhere near my target of 10k.

I’m very ashamed by this and what narks me the most is that I’ve no better excuse than just being lazy.

Of the runs I have done, I’ve enjoyed most of them; I’ve seen all sorts of nature (rabbits, ducks, goats, a heron, sheeps, cows, horses, geese, moorhens/coots…); I feel fitter and stronger when I run; I have more energy and, dammit, I’m dead proud of myself for doing it. I just need to do it more.

So it’s back to the drawing board for me. When I started to lollop along at more than a walking pace, I stuck to a routine and I need to get back to it and get my lazy arse outside. So… Forget about big targets, my new one is to go out at least three times a week by hook or by crook.

Failing that, I’ll just do another apologetic post in August.