In which I actually run THREE TIMES in a week and find that my leg doesn’t drop off

I don’t know what I did when I had free will and didn’t get blindsided into doing Athons avery few months. Well I do, I chose sofa and didn’t run as much. Since declaring myself as part of Viceathon, I have managed to stick to some kind of plan (although today’s exercise hasn’t been done, so there is a potential weasel on the horizon).

The week has seen an early morning run, a yoga class followed by late night gym, an evening run (which surely would have been otherwise weaselled because I was a bit knackered), a rest day (which was appreciated all the more for being guilt-free) and a nice 6 miler in the brief spell of sunshine that we had yesterday. Today has been declared run or gym, but judging by the steady drizzle, I suspect that I’ll be heading down to the gym.

I did a lamb run the other week, they're lovely - very gambolly.

Happy Easter!

PS: note tiny knitted chicken (from a Mochimochi Land pattern – warning:contains many teeny tiny bunnies…)

Sessions weaselled = 1
Miles run = 12
Minutes gymmed = 45

Spring is in the air..

I forgot item six on my list of things that I like about the gym.

6. My programme card tells me to run between 6-7mph – this is clearly evidence that I WON the argument about 6mph being 10min/mile. Ha.

Despite the benefits of walls and a roof, the gym certainly doesn’t compare to the glory of being outdoors when spring is in the air. On Sunday morning, I did a relaxed six miles around the village and down to the lodge, taking in the warmth of the sunshine and the bone-chilling cold of the shady bits. I can only apologise to any passing drivers who saw me squatting in the undergrowth, trying to take photos of snowdrops – I dread to think what that looked like…