J minus 3 days

Like an angry badger lurking in a nearby hedgerow, Juneathon is waiting and ready to pounce. I am responding by going “la la la la la la la” with my fingers in my ears and my eyes shut. I have considered tearing June out of the calendar in an attempt to bypass the whole thing, but I suspect that this wouldn’t work and it might muck up the whole wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.  Anyway, I’ve booked my train ticket for the Juneathon picnic and the Queen of the Athons has a very much zero tolerance policy for slackers (no Juneathon, no al fresco dining in the park), so it looks like I’ll be doing it again.

Anyone who has done one of the Athons will confirm that exercising every day is the easy bit, the challenge is to blog about something vaguely interesting every twenty-four hours. This Juneathon, I have a plan… I’m going on a treasure hunt.

What I would like is suggestions of thirty items treasure that I can find on my daily runs – things, concepts, stuff – and I’ll somehow try to incorporate one into each day’s blog or photo. This may turn out to be a ridiculous idea, but then it’s probably no more ridiculous than signing up for Juneathon again.

If you would like to suggest something, add a comment or send me a tweet (@knittingpenguin) but please bear in mind that I will be  doing most of my running around rural(ish) Lancashire, except for the nine days of my ten day holiday in (proper) rural Kent.

Oh, and Ginge has just declared himself Keeper of the List, apparently “so you can’t cherry pick the easiest ones” from people’s suggestions. I don’t think that I like that part…