Snot funny.

It’s been a funny old few weeks since my last post, very up and down. We had a death in the family on the Friday after my last post, my mum’s the next of kin and is trying to deal with what, at best, can be described as a chaotic estate. As a bit of a distraction, we went out to an art sale at a local charity that works with people who have learning disabilities, and then spent the afternoon with my sister and niece. From this we discovered that she (my 5 month old niece) does not like the sight of me wearing a large felted green bag on my head. Everyone else in the family appears to be bth amused and scared by the image.

Family priorities did push running off the agenda on Saturday evening, but we plodded out on Sunday morning for 3 miles in the fresh snow. Have I mentioned that I’m bored of snow?

I also had a scary scary job interview. It was for a sort of diagonal move into a more specialist job in another area and was the first time that I had made the leap of faith to go for a job at this grade. The presentation for it became an all-encompassing nightmare – the stress peaked at 1am on Sunday night/Monday morning when there were tears and a general outpouring of anxiety about my ability to do my job. This put paid to Tuesday club run as I was still trying to assemble my portfolio for the next day (organisation was not on my list of strengths that I can bring to the post).

The rest of the week went something like yoga, restore order to house, visted by friend, visit family, night out in Blackpool, sleep, funeral, club run, yoga, gig in Manchester, belated celebratory meal (I got the job) and then a lazy weekend with a husband-accompanied run on Sunday. What I didn’t plan for was feeling increasingly grotty and snotty as the weekend went on. It is now Monday and I’m tucked up on the sofa with hot lemonade and honey, several balls of wool and the sensation that someone is alternately whacking me on the head with a stick and then jumping on my chest. It is unpleasant to say the least and I can’t take more paracetamol for another hour. Bugger.